Two days ahead of its launch date, detailed Vivo X21 specs have been outed on Twitter. The source hasn’t mentioned where he found the specs listing nonetheless, here is what he has revealed. According to the leak, the Vivo X21

Rejoice, young padawans – the OnePlus 5T Star Wars edition is coming to Europe. It is not exclusive to India as previously thought. Europe even gets it a day early – December 14 (there will be an event on the 13th at

When Apple unveiled the iPhone X, the company brought together the new concept of 3D sensing. The technology come embedded in the front camera of iPhone X being the main motor for the facial recognition. Apple’s TrueDepth camera projects

Well if you want to… innovate then I guess you have to persist, don’t you agree? According to KGI Securities (and technology expert Ming-Chi Kuo) Apple has already decided to rely on the main design of the iPhone X for their 2018

Apple’s tenth anniversary iPhone X has received a very warm welcome from consumers but the phone is not without its controversies. The biggest talking point with Apple’s all screen phone is undoubtedly Face ID. Now, a

The OnePlus 5T is one of the hottest topics of discussion on the web and otherwise. With leaks and rumors coming from every side, the launch of the phone seems imminent. Recently, OnePlus tweeted a teaser with the OnePlus 5 stacked on

After confirming the device a few days ago, OnePlus has today announced when it will debut its latest device, the OnePlus 5T. An event page popped up on its website announcing that the OnePlus 5T will launch in Brooklyn, New

The rumors and reports about OnePlus 5T are growing in a large scale in the recent days. Previously it was only a shady rumor, now we’re starting to see a whole consistency. Earlier today we have saw a allegedly leaked shot from OP5T

Having released Android Oreo in the end of August, we still aren’t used to it. Added by the few devices apart from Nexus, Pixels and Huawei Mate 10 running Oreo, chances are that most of Android users haven’t proof the newest Android

Redmi India (Xiaomi’s official Twitter account) made the announcement earlier today and everybody seems to be trying to guess what the Chinese behemoth has in store for us (and the Indian market) specifically. Xiaomi India sent press

After AnTuTu revealed that the upcoming Oppo R11s will have an upgraded dual camera, we suspected the same might be true for the OnePlus 5T. And it is – confirmed again by AnTuTu. The camera is listed as 20MP + 20MP, the second

Another day, another leaked Apple iPhone X hands-on video. Yesterday we reported a hands-on video of the iPhone X handled at Apple HQ in California. The video had somehow managed to sneak under Apple's radar but it was